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Building Codes Set Solar Standards

The Future Of Rooftop Power Plants Solar panel producers are gearing up production. Yes, they took notice when policymakers set targets for the production of clean energy. And they took thousands of orders when consumers were given incentives to install … Continue reading

Keeping The Coasts Alive

Living Shorelines Offer Natural Protection for Coastal Communities The problem: coastal erosion, rising sea levels, and storm surges that can damage natural habitats and waterfront communities. Historically, the solution was to build concrete seawalls and metal bulkheads to armor the … Continue reading

Dodge and IMS Insight

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON AEC NEXT NEWS INSIGHT AROUND DODGE DATA & ANALYTICS ACQUISITION OF INTEGRATED MARKETING SYSTEMS (IMS) The early industrialists created empires through vertical integration of the manufacturing process, turning raw material into a product and then bringing it … Continue reading

Change For Parking

Paving The Way To Improved Parking The art of parking is changing in urban areas, thanks to the growth of vehicle sharing, autonomous cars, scooters, and ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft. But a driver’s goal remains the same: quick … Continue reading

Power Play

To Dig, or Not to Dig It’s one of the ultimate cost-benefit questions for communities, utilities, and A/E/C professionals. Should the utility wires – electric, phone, and cable – that are strung along thousands of power poles be relocated underground? … Continue reading

Beat The Heat

Is it hot enough for you? If not, it will be. According to California’s “Fourth Climate Change Assessment” released in late August, the average annual maximum daily temperature is projected to increase by 5.6 to 8.8 degrees by the year … Continue reading

Sports Projects Going The Distance Nationwide

If you design-build it, they will come Sports have earned a place in our culture, schools, and communities. And to build and maintain that infrastructure, public agencies seek professional services from the A/E/C industry to design and construct a variety … Continue reading

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Tiny Homes and Building Trends in Housing Market

Good things come in small packages IMS has covered hundreds of projects for developers to create housing projects, for inspectors to examine housing conditions, and for planners to review a city’s fair housing opportunities. And as with kitchen appliances and … Continue reading

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Thinking About Smart Growth

The Evolution of Smarter City Planning As government agencies are focusing more on their environmental impact, they are turning to Smart Growth principles to help them plan for the future. Smart Growth, an urban planning approach that emerged in the … Continue reading