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Thinking About Smart Growth

The Evolution of Smarter City Planning As government agencies are focusing more on their environmental impact, they are turning to Smart Growth principles to help them plan for the future. Smart Growth, an urban planning approach that emerged in the … Continue reading

Organics Recycling: Don’t Waste The Opportunities

Legislation altering landfills and garbage processing New laws that limit organic waste disposal are changing the way businesses and communities take out the trash. These mandates aim to extend the lives of landfills and reduce methane emissions that come from … Continue reading

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School Safety Planning and Design

The effect of the A/E/C industry on school safety and security Two months into the year, and there have been at least six shootings at schools that have wounded or killed students in the United States, according to a USA Today story … Continue reading

Power Outages and Distributed Generation

Don’t Get Left in the Dark Distributed generation means many things to many people. To a utility company, it is extra capacity for the grid during times of peak electricity use. For homeowners, it is a way to assert energy … Continue reading

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Airport Terminal Projects Ramping Up to Meet Demand

Now boarding. …And boarding …And boarding. That is the refrain at many airports across the country. Eight of the top 10 airports in the United States saw increases in enplanements in 2016 from the previous year, according to the Federal … Continue reading

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Tracking New Investments in Clean Water Infrastructure

The highly publicized 2016 water crisis in Flint, Michigan spotlighted the public health consequences that result from lack of investment in maintaining the nation’s drinking water infrastructure. Before the state of emergency was declared on January 16, 2016, reports indicate that … Continue reading

Looking Ahead – 2017 Trends in Innovative Delivery Methods and P3 Projects

Since the early 1990s, public agencies have increasingly turned to alternative delivery methods such as design build and construction management-at-risk for the design and construction of critical infrastructure projects.  These innovative financing, design, and construction practices have frequently allowed federal, … Continue reading

Rethinking Traffic Fatalities – Vision Zero

As grim reports released in October indicate a significant increase in traffic fatalities nationwide during the first half of 2016, citizens, advocacy groups, transportation planners, and policymakers have reached the conclusion that the only acceptable number of traffic deaths should … Continue reading

Community Development Block Grants and their Growing Role in Natural Disaster Relief

As one of the largest federal aid programs for planning and infrastructure development, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is an essential funding source for capital projects.  When it was established in 1974 as part of the Housing and … Continue reading