Solutions for Construction Management

The model for tracking construction projects has changed dramatically over the past several years. The increased use of Design Build as the preferred project delivery vehicle has required the contractor to become more proactive by looking further down the road than in the past. This new requirement has rendered most of the time proven methods inadequate.

The Solution

By using various reports such as Daily Projects, Advance Notices and Awarded Contract Reports, IMS gives the contractor the ability to develop project opportunities at the same time as engineers and architects. The extensive website database allows the contractor another resource for long range planning. These tools are essential when pursuing public-sector Design Build projects. The IMS advance research approach along with tailored Target Markets, Disciplines and Geographic Regions allows a contractor the needed flexibility to stay ahead of the curve.

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    Correctional: Planning or design of new facilities, renovations and expansions of courthouses, prisons, police and sheriff stations.

    Environmental: Projects that aim to improve, protect and monitor indoor or outdoor environmental quality. This includes environmental assessments,  remediation, analytical testing services, habitat restoration, and biological studies.

    General Building: Architectural projects (not conflicting with other Target Markets), building issues, housing, parking garages, building efficiency improvements, and alternative energy solutions. This target market also includes some planning and most rosters.

    Hospitals/Healthcare: Planning or design of new facilities, renovations and expansions of hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities; any building where patients are treated.

    Land: Projects that address vacant property and underdeveloped resources, as well as projects that involve determining the classification or use of property.

    Parks: Planning or design of park land, and park amenities related to recreation and comfort.

    Redevelopment: Planning efforts to stimulate redevelopment: calls for developers to reuse or redevelop buildings or parcels as part of a wider redevelopment and revitalization effort.

    School Districts: Planning and or design of new facilities, renovations and expansions of K-12 facilities or campuses.

    Streets/Highways: Any phase of a physical improvement to the roadway system, with an emphasis on civil and traffic design engineering for streets, highways, bridges and sidewalks.

    Transportation: All projects concerning public and mass transit systems, including airports, transportation planning projects, and traffic counts.

    Universities and Colleges: Planning and or design of new facilities, renovations and expansions of university and college facilities or campuses, all with an emphasis on the instructional and student spaces.

    Water: Planning, design and studies of water, wastewater systems infrastructure, water resources (wells and aquifers), stormwater and flood control.

  • Disciplines


    • Architecture Services
    • Design/Build Developer
    • Graphic Design/Public Art
    • Historic Preservation
    • Interior Design/Space Planning
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Programming
    • Rehabilitation & Refurbishing


    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Energy Engineering
    • Fire Protection Engineering
    • Flood Control Engineering
    • Geology
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Seismic Retrofit Engineering
    • Soil Testing
    • Structural Engineering
    • Surveying/GIS/Mapping
    • Underground Tank Design
    • Utility Engineering


    • Construction/Project Management
    • Cost Estimating
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Inspection Services
    • Materials Testing
    • Site Evaluation/Selection
    • Value Engineering


    • Security Design
    • Security Retrofit
    • Vulnerability Assessments


    • Housing & Urban Development
    • Land Use Planning
    • Planning/Master Planning
    • Redevelopment Planning
    • Urban Studies/Planning/Design

    • Acoustical/Noise Abatement Engineering
    • Air Quality Management
    • Analytical/Testing Services
    • Archaeology
    • Asbestos/Lead Abatement
    • Biological Studies/Natural Resources
    • Endangered Species Surveys
    • Environmental Engineering/Planning/Design
    • Forestry
    • Habitat Restoration/Wetlands Restoration
    • Hazardous Waste Engineering
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Pollution Studies
    • Solid Waste Engineering
    • Waste Management
    • Water Quality Testing


    • Groundwater/Hydrogeology
    • Hydrology/Hydraulics
    • Sanitation Engineering
    • Stormwater
    • Wastewater Treatment Engineering


    • ITS Design
    • Public Transit Planning
    • Traffic Design Engineering
    • Traffic Studies
    • Transportation Planning
"Informative and captures up to the minute upcoming projects."

Zouheir Saleh, PE, QSD/P, CCM | Senior Project Manager
Hill International, Inc.
Hill International, Inc.

“The team [at IMS] is very responsive for the needs of our firm and always willing to help. The platform has allowed our firm to find, track and share leads!”

MJ Dhillon, Business Development + Marketing Specialist
Integral Group
Integral Group

"IMS is the foundation of my Business Development activities. The daily Project sheet is exactly what I had been looking for. It provides me with a synopsis of each project that I can quickly scan and decide on. No more having to click multiple links to find the basic project information. In addition, my Account Manager is only an email away and I can reach out at any time and get assistance. Their website is easy to navigate. All this saves me and my company valuable time and money. Allowing me to focus on Business Development and our clients."

Michael F. Knowles, CPSM, Business Development Director
McKim & Creed
McKim & Creed

"I love IMS – it is the most comprehensive public work announcements service I have ever used in my 20+ yrs. of doing BD! You cannot get this incredible info and customer service with any other type of RFP/RFQ/LOI announcements service - Incredibly time saving and efficient - Worth every penny!"

Toni Farber, VP of Business Development
Master Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Master Consulting Engineers, Inc.

“IMS has been invaluable to us here at Hill International, Inc. From their concise format, to the timeliness of the notifications, to the consistent accuracy of the URL’s and synopsis’ – spot on. I have personally used IMS daily for nearly a decade here at Hill International, Inc. and have yet to run across anything I would define as competition.”

Mike McKee, PMP
Hill International, Inc.
Hill International, Inc.

“The IMS website and daily emails are comprehensive, and the staff always responds quickly to inquiries with organized and detailed info.”

Travis Clegg, Vice President
Peloton Land Solutions
Peloton Land Solutions

"Timely, reliable information."

Renee Godwin, Marketing Director
AKS Engineering & Forestry
AKS Engineering & Forestry

"I always get great service from your staff."

Stephanie S. Craft, Partner

"Lots of helpful information that we'd have to spend a lot of time to find on our own."

Laura Keresty, Marketing Director
H.T. Harvey & Associates Ecological Consultants
H.T. Harvey & Associates Ecological Consultants

"Very easy to find projects that are best fit for the company right away."

Maliek Miller, Business Development, Project Manager
Verde Design
Verde Design

"Good resource for listing project leads and opportunities that I can quickly review and evaluate if we might be interested in pursuing. IMS saves me time."

Gary Hover, Business Development, Project Manager
Verde Design
Verde Design

"[IMS] has helped us find some great leads."

Abby Plesser, Marketing Manager
WRT Design
WRT Design

"[We’ve] always found the latest RFQ/RFPs."

Ivonne Majul, Architectural Associate
Alleguez Architecture
Alleguez Architecture

"[IMS] do a great job finding RFP opportunities for us, and I love being able to follow up on your website to see project awards. Daily emails are organized, concise and have accurate links."

Betsy Loeb, Senior Marketing Coordinator

"Clearly identifies opportunities in a timely and clear manner."

William Kuhl, FASLA/Chairman of the Board
Saratoga Associates
Saratoga Associates

"Most of the opportunities we pursue are identified by IMS. It's easy to use and fits within our budget."

Joel Goodmonson, LEED AP, MCPPO/Executive Vice President
Architectural Engineers
Architectural Engineers

"Great service and very beneficial to our business."

Terri Dupre, Business Development Manager
Meyer Engineers, LTD
Meyer Engineers, LTD

"It's a thorough and comprehensive service."

Calvin D. Clifton, Business Development Manager
Mattern & Craig Engineers・Surveyors
Mattern & Craig Engineers・Surveyors

"Comprehensive and accurate reports!"

Martin B. Lowenthal, Executive Vice President/General Manager
The United-Heider Inspection Group
The United-Heider Inspection Group

"IMS has been the best lead service in this region for a very long time...I only hesitate to recommend the service, because I don't want to share this amazing resource!"

Tye Tighe, Marketing Communications Specialist
DGA planning | architecture | interiors
DGA planning | architecture | interiors

"I find the project notices to be timely and well-organized, and easy to tailor to my region and interests."

April Sweet, Business Development Manager
Davy Architecture
Davy Architecture

"My career has taken me all over the country so I have used many different RFP/RFQ opportunity search engines, and I can honestly say that IMS is the most comprehensive, current reporting service out there. Attention to accuracy and project detail rank high and the searchable database enhances our business development endeavors."

Martin Lowenthal
URS/Signet Testing Lab, Inc.
URS/Signet Testing Lab, Inc.

"IMS has been an indispensable part of my business development toolkit for the past 15+ years. I’ve tried other leads services, and I always come back to IMS because the quality of the information they provide is unsurpassed. IMS is staffed by real people that go above and beyond - they helped me understand the local opportunities when I recently took a job across the country. I couldn’t recommend IMS more highly."

Tanya Epstein, Vice President | Director of Marketing
KPS Group, Inc., Alabama
KPS Group, Inc., Alabama

"IMS has been a great tool for tracking projects that are in all phases of the procurement process. The information that is received from IMS is accurate, timely and very informative. As a business development person it is crucial for our firm to be at the forefront of a projects planning stage and IMS delivers every time."

Juli Edwards
PGAL, Florida
PGAL, Florida

"Receiving easy to read, region specific Daily Project Bulletins with relevant Project Data Sheets makes our opportunity researching efforts very efficient. For HHPR, IMS has proven to be a reliable source for public sector project leads, and their customer service is unmatched."

RoVawn Rouse
Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc., Oregon
Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc., Oregon

“The first email I open each morning is from IMS. It’s convenient, thorough, and the amount of news and project prospects on the site is unsurpassed by any other source.”

Margaret Kinsey
Bettisworth North, Alaska
Bettisworth North, Alaska

"IMS is the first item approved in our annual marketing budget. It consistently provides valuable market intelligence, giving us the opportunity to position ourselves with strategic clients and prospects."

Garrett Terlaak
fs3|Hodges, California
fs3|Hodges, California

"No other service is as critical to A/E/C industry firms as IMS. IMS organizes hundreds of CIPs into sortable, searchable data. I highly recommend IMS to anyone looking to ensure they can develop better market saturation and be responsive to clients.”

Talin Astourian Espinoza, Vice President, Strategic Growth
Twining, Inc., California
Twining, Inc., California

"IMS has proven time and again their quality and timeliness in delivering new projects and contact information that our marketing and business development staff are able to follow-up on and actually win work on a regular basis. The customer service at IMS is bar none the best around."

Renee J. Clemetsen, Director of Marketing